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Pealkiri: Audi parts from Luxembourg and a question (Vastuseid: 0 | Vaatamisi: 13746)
paul fernandes


Registreerunud 19.07.03
Asukoht: Luxembourg
Kasutaja on eemal

postitati 19.07.03 08:22 Tsiteeri
Audi parts from Luxembourg and a question

hello to all Estonian audi club members.

My name is Paul. I have first one question, what language is Estonian based on?
It appears to be nordic as I can understand some words and or sentence.

Now for my offer:
I offer you all the opportunity to vist my web-site in Luxembourg:

I produce and sell parts for the older Audi cars, and I specailize in just the older audi cars.

I you are tired of the ridiculous prices and want to see something different try it out.
As well for all members of the Audi CLUB Estonia I will offer a discount on top of the already cheap prices!

AUDI V8 lights for audi 100/200/5000/V8
for 110 euro inlcuding shipping to Estonia.

Also if the web-master for this organization can contact me personally via e-mail I would like to set up and arrangement if it is allowed with your club.


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