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Registreerunud 17.03.11
Asukoht: Finland
Kasutaja on eemal

postitati 24.11.17 10:02 Tsiteeri

Black Friday megasale til 6pm!
All Black Friday offers combined, as well as our new weekly offer: Sachs SRE products -10 %!

The Sachs SRE range offers great clutches at great prices. There's a kit for almost every car, and now on a very good price as well. On the site, you'll find all products by their code, and a PDF with an application list. In case you don't feel like going through the lists, just tell our sales what car you've got and we'll make you an offer which is hard to turn down!
»» Sachs SRE clutches

Sachs SRE 763, 765, 707, 645 and 785 covers
Here they are, the five most sought-after performance clutch covers. These babies offer great clamping force and found on many aftermarket performance kits.
»» Sachs SRE 763, 765, 707, 645 and 785 covers

Oh, and those Black Friday offers =)

Black Friday: RVS treatments -10 %
All RVS products -10 %, all usual products in stock as well =)

RVS. Restores and protects. This stuff is very praised and gets tons of great feedback. We've seen many return customers for RVS, and that is one of the strongest signs for a good product.
»» RVS treatments

Black Friday: Powerflex bushes -20 %
Powerflex: the number one brand for suspension bushes now on bf sale -20 %

All bushes with reduced prices. All bushes can be filtered by make, model and variant for easy selection.
»» Powerflex bushes

Black Friday: Black Diamond products -10 %
Discs, pads and hoses. All you need to get proper brakes on your car. Now on a -10 % black friday sale!

Proper brakes, now for a bargain:
»» Black Diamond brake discs
»» Black Diamond brake pads
»» Black Diamond brake hoses

Black Friday: Thermotec 30x30 heat sticker -20 %
A darn nice sticker for heat protection. This comes in a small enough package so you don't need get a square meter of this stuff, and protects hoses, pipes, and whatever someone decided to put too close to that exhaust manifold.

A handy sticker, and we've still got enough in stock to cover a middle-sized sedan with this suff. Get your's while stocks last though ;)
»» Thermotec heat shields

Black Friday: Eibach springs & B12 kits -20 %
German-made quality suspension: the Eibach Pro-Kit and Sportline springs as well as the B12 series suspension kits -20 %

Eibach Pro-Kit springs offer drops from 30 to 35mm, and the Sportline kits all the way up to 50mm. Eibach's B12 kits come with Bilstein B8 shocks and offer a very competitive kit at a great price. Now on Black Friday offer at -20 %. Get your's here:
»» Eibach Pro-Kit springs
»» Eibach Sportline springs
»» Eibach B12 Pro-Kit suspension kits
»» Eibach B12 Sportline suspension kits

Black Friday: K&N cone filters -20 %
On Black Friday offer, K&N 3- and 4" cone filters. Naturally they're all in stock as well!

A K&N cone filter is a properly flowing and durable air filter which is both washable & reusable and very durable in even harsh conditions.

We stock four different models in 3- and 4-inch sizes, short and long versions, so you'll find a suitable filter for any engine bay.

»» K&N cone filters

Black Friday: Magnaflow catalyzers -20 %
Second of many Black Friday offers: All stock Magnaflow catalyzers -20 %!

Magnaflow catalyzers receive constant praises, and with good reason: in addition to free flow and power gains in especially turbo cars, these little pussies also perform way better on emission tests than original, clogged cats.

At the time of writing, all cats are in stock, so get yours while stocks last, and at least before friday afternoon when the BF-offer ends.
»» Magnaflow catalyzers

First Black Friday offer: Wisefab kits -10 %
The first black Friday offer has all Wisefab kits at whopping 10 % discount. These are very rare on discount, so now's your chance to get your kit at a great price!

All regular Wisefab kits are available below. We carry all Wisefab kits and ship the free of charge, so if your model is not on the website, ask our sales and we will supply all the most recent models as well.
»» Wisefab lock kits

As always, have a great weekend! / Ari, Willem and Jaana!

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Registreerunud 17.03.11
Asukoht: Finland
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postitati 01.12.17 12:53 Tsiteeri

Monthly: Amsoil -10 to -40 %
Decembers starters are the Amoil oils at a generous monthly offer. These oils get tons of great feedback, and now's the time to make room for new stocks!

Lets start with a small story (translated from Finnish): I was visiting Professional Motorsport a while ago, and tend to check company emails and facebook messages even though we do have staff at the warehouse. It's an entrepreneurs habit. There I sat, eating breakfast (=drinking coffee), and the phone let me know there was a new message. It started with a controversial "F**ck guys!". As you know, phones don't show the complete message, only the first few words on the notification bar.
I almost inhaled the coffee and thought "well, this day started great....".

I opened the message, and it continued: "Now the s**t *** oils (brand-service suggested oil), are out, and Amsoil put in place. I have sometimes used *** -oil, but it didn't work in cold conditions. I hope Amsoil works in the cold mornings as well, but i wouldn't have believed a transmission which is usually regarded an "all of these are hard to shift" -transmission, could shift this easily! gears can be hanged with one finger!

Anyways. I rarely feel like giving great feedback, but this feels great! Especially if it still works tomorrow morning!
". And guess what: it did.
- Willem

A permission to use the feedback was asked and the less-performing oil names are removed as that is simply polite.

Needless to say, that kind if feedback makes our day, and is the best indicator of product which is genuinely good! Measurements, lab tests and great-looking banners are far far behind from a clear feedback like this.

Amsoil products are on offer directly in the webshop:
»» Amsoil oils

Other news this week

Everyone knows Quaife belongs to the differential royalty, but it still doesn't mean you should use blue oil as in blue-blooded royalty. Here are a few questions which are commonly asked.

»» A few common Quaife questions

D2 coilover sales have skyrocketed thanks to the new inspection regulations, where traditional TUV approvals can be replaced with other documents as well. We will now inlcude an inspection document for all coilover kits.

»» D2 coilovers shipped with road-approval

Turbosmart wastegates and manual boost controllers just got some pretty decent price updates. Check these out!

»» Turbosmart: price updates

Stocks were just replenished for Race.Fi products. Dump valves, fuel pressure regulators, oil coolers, oil cooler install kits, engine mounts. You name it, we stock it.

»» Lots of new Race.Fi product stocks

Have a nice weekend! Race.Fi / Ari

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Registreerunud 17.03.11
Asukoht: Finland
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postitati 08.12.17 11:54 Tsiteeri

Weekly offer: D2 air suspensions
On weekly offer is the low'n'comfy way of driving. All D2 air suspension kits are on sale until December 15th. These kits are as bolt-on as an air suspension comes!

Available in four different flavors, the D2 air suspension kits come as bolt-on as air suspensions can. The ready assembled struts will bolt right on, and a compact compressor + tank assembly goes in the trunk.
The Basic kit allows a road-scraping height on the show field, and easily lifts to a usable height when you drive your car. Deluxe, Gold and SuperPro offer more features like independent solenoids for each wheel, memory slots for height and automatic leveling.

Get your kit here:
»» D2 air suspensions

While you're at it, also do check out the D2 big brake kits. If you're after a simple coilover kit, check out the coilovers:
»» D2 alustasarjat
»» D2 etujarrusarjat
»» D2 takajarrusarjat

All orders over 400€ are shipped free of charge to most EU countries ;)
Have a great weekend!
Race.Fi / Willem

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Registreerunud 17.03.11
Asukoht: Finland
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postitati 15.12.17 12:56 Tsiteeri

Weekly: Luisi steering wheels & hubs -10 %
Easing the joy of winter "drifting": Luisi steering wheels and hubs. Over 700 model specific hubs and several suede and PU steering wheels.

You can find the basic model hubs in the webshop, and can get the airbag models (not street legal) from sales as they are much less sold. There's suede and pu wheels, and hundreds of bolt-on hubs at great prices, so check them out in the shop.

Steering wheel hubs have a double pcd which includes most common steering wheel brands (6x70 & 6x74mm).
For example: FK, JOM, Tuning Line, Sparco, Momo, OMP and naturally Luisi steering wheels will bolt straight on.

Luisi has made steering wheels and hubs since 1965. There's a hub and wheel for every car! Check out the Luisi range from our webshop:
»» Luisi steering wheel hubs
»» Luisi steering wheels

Monthly offer: Amsoil oils
»» Amsoil oils on offer

Independence day promise

We're doing pretty well in Finland. Our lives always have ups and downs. Thanks to our veterans who fought, and from whom some paid the ultimate price, those ups and downs are relatively mild. To thank these men and women, we will donate 1% or a minimum of 500 € for veteran care from our December sale.
»» Happy independence Finland

Have a great weekend!
Race.Fi / Willem

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Registreerunud 17.03.11
Asukoht: Finland
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postitati 22.12.17 13:21 Tsiteeri

Merry christmas everyone!

Merry christmas 2017! Soon we'll pack up and are done with this week, but before the long holidays, here's the weekly: Powerflex bushes -10 %

Powerflex bushes could be put on a Christmas tree with their bright colors, but seriously, they're the way to go when updating either one or all suspension bushes. As said, Powerflex is on our weekly offer starting now, to 29.12.2017.

You'll find the bushes easily from the web shop by checking with brand, model or bush stiffness. Powerflex bushes -10%
»» Powerflex bushes

Other news this week

Magnaflow catalyst are very powerful cleaners despite the small size. Magnaflow will also pass an emission test easily and of course still offer great flow. There have been lots of questions about catalyst dimensions, so we decided to measure each one of them and list them on the site as well. Metallic catalysts are only 203 mm long, so even a regular 0.5l water bottle is longer

»» Magnaflow catalyst

We checked the whole Amsoil products catalog, and now there are over 140 high-res pictures from the oils and additives.

»» Amsoil products

We just got a huge amount of Holsets and turbo hardware in our stock. You can find almost everything in our stock or with day or two delivery time.

»» Turbo products

Merry Christmas

Riku just got his military service finished, and we are now working with the full team again. Our team above, Riku, Jaana, Willem and Ari wishes great Christmas to all!

Have a great holiday weekend! / Ari, Willem, Jaana & Riku

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Registreerunud 17.03.11
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postitati 29.12.17 12:45 Tsiteeri

Happy new year!

We wish a splendid new year 2018 to all of you guys and girls! Here's our last weekly offer from 2017 as well.

This weekend we'll all celebrate the new year 2018. On Monday we're thus closed, but will open our doors normally on Tuesday. Happy new year!

The last promotion of this year takes us back to the roots and basics of car tuning: K&N air filters. K&N are basically the best filters money - a moderate amount though - can buy.

On offer are the regular replacement filters which mount in the stock air box, the intake kits which come with an upgraded intake pipe as well, and the cone filters in several different sizes.

Replacement filters and intake kits are all model-specific, so they're a straight bolt-on performance upgrade.

»» Race.Fi: K&N replacement air filters
»» Race.Fi: K&N intake kits
»» Race.Fi: K&N cone filters
»» Race.Fi: K&N air filter clean & oil kit
»» Race.Fi: All K&N air filters

Other news this week

A water-methanol injection kit allows considerable boost increases and raises the effective octane rating as much as 20 units. Snow Performance kits were just updated in the shop.

»» Race.Fi: Snow Performance water injection kits

A fresh shipment of Quaife ATB differentials for popular cars like BMW and MB just chimed in. All the high-selling units are in stock & ready to ship.

»» Race.Fi: Quaife re-stock

All the best for your new year 2018! Race.Fi / Ari, Willem, Jaana and Riku

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Registreerunud 17.03.11
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postitati 05.01.18 13:17 Tsiteeri

Weekie: Turbosmart wastegates and dump valves -10 %

Turbosmart products just got a full update, and now's also the time to get a very decently prices top-notch wastegate or dump valve.

You likely know the Turbosmart as a brand if you're at least somewhat familiar with the tuning and performance scene. They have definitely earned their place on the market, thanks to great products which can be highly depended on.

The complete Turbosmart range was just updated up to 2018 spec, so here's a great time to put the most important - waste gates and dump valves - on the weekly offer. The shop now also has all spare parts like flanges and diaphragms listed, as well as a complete list of exchange springs for different pressures.
»» Turbosmart waste gates and their spare parts
»» Turbosmart dump valves and their spare parts

Exchange springs and spare parts:
»» Turbosmart waste gate springs
»» Turbosmart waste gate spare parts
»» Turbosmart dump valve springs
»» Turbosmart dump valve spare parts

To go with your new shiny Turbosmart, a Holset turbo is also a common choice offering great turbochargers at decent prices. They're available quick & cheap from us =)
»» Holset turbchargers

Have a great weekend!
Race.Fi / Willem

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Registreerunud 17.03.11
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postitati 12.01.18 12:08 Tsiteeri

Weekly offer: Black Diamond brakes -10 %

On the weekly offer, no less than quality brakes from Black Diamond @ -10 %!

Good brakes are a basis for any track car and any loved family members. Throughout the years, Black Diamond brakes have gathered a great track record among customer feedback. Whereas traditional replacement pads squeal and discs get warped before even touching the pedal, BD parts have been praised quite a lot for their good quality.

The discs are treated with a black, hard surface coating which both prevents corrosion and offers a good base for further treatment as well. The discs are available as drilled, grooved and a combi model which is both drilled and grooved.

Predator pad brake pads work great on the street and you can use them with any brand of brake discs.

A constant 10 % discount is offered on full kits (two sets of discs and pads, and a hose set), and now you get the discount for individual parts as well. For full kits, make sure to ask our sales for an even greater offer.

Without further talks, here you go with the products:
»» Black Diamond brake discs
»» Black Diamond brake pads
»» Black Diamond stainless steel braided brake hoses

Have a great weekend!
Race.Fi / Willem

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